1. Tom of Finland did this portrait of and for Chuck Renslow in 1981. 2. Chuck Renslow and his mother, Charlotte. 3. Renslow in 1948 at the desk of the studio he ran with John Baran. The studio was called Renslow Studio; John Baran, photographer. Photos 1-3 courtesy Chuck Renslow. 4. Mars magazine, one of Renslow's men's physique publications. Courtesy Leather Archives & Museum. 5. Renslow's long-time partner Dom 'Etienne' Orejudos in the 1950s. His artwork was used to help promote numerous Renslow projects, including the Gold Coast and International Mr. Leather. Courtesy Leather Archives & Museum. 6. Etienne artwork used to promote the Gold Coast leather bar, where the first IML was held. 7. Chuck Renslow at the Dewes Mansion, 503 West Wrightwood Avenue, in the 1970s. Photo by A.J. Epstein, courtesy of Leather Archives & Museum. 8. Chuck Renslow and the singer Sylvester promoting his planned show at Bistro Too. Photo courtesy of Ron Ehemann. 9. Chuck Renslow at the helm of GayLife newspaper in the early 1980s. Photo courtesy of Ron Ehemann. 10.